Feature: A Year Without Jeff Hanneman

Hanneman HeinekenSo it’s been a year since Jeff Hanneman passed. Wow. And life for Slayer has gone on without him. I guess his bout with necrotizing fasciitis following a spider bite in 2011 prepared the band for life without the founding guitarist. But I think we all thought we’d see Jeff back on his side of a Slayer stage one day soon. I wasn’t terribly fond of ExodusGary Holt taking his place, if even temporarily. I felt they should wait for their bandmate to return to the fold before doing anything else. It was probably selfish on my part, but hey, I want them to be perfect.

So here we are in 2014, Slayer is only at half their original form, and plugging along, business as usual. Gary Holt stepped up his game ten-fold and Paul Bostaph is commanding the drumset once occupied by Dave Lombardo, who it appears is just a bad businessman and kind of whiny, from the accounts I’ve read. There’s a new song out, “Implode” and touring plans and recording plans have not slowed one bit. I guess in an ideal world, Tom Araya and Kerry King should have given up their jobs, destroyed the Slayer brand they’ve built over the past 30 years and left Slayer behind. But I can say with a fair amount of confidence now, they would have made a massive mistake. The Slayer that exists now is more vibrant and brutal than they have been in years. If it comes down to this version or no version at all, I’ll gladly take this version. Sadly, it exists without Jeff Hanneman.

We will all always miss Jeff Hanneman. He wrote some of the greatest metal riffs and songs in history and was a founding member of one of the great music entities of our time. Know we miss you and your talents here on Earth, and each passing year it will be just a little easier, and you will continue to be more appreciated over time.

Rest In Peace sir.

~ by thesynaptic on May 2, 2014.

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