Welcome Early Adopters and curious friends! You are very early, and I appreciate your support!

You might be wondering what The Synaptic is all about. Well, I took the blisteringly original idea of creating a site devoted mainly to music and decided to put one together. How highly original of me! But seriously, yes this is a music driven site, which I plan to fill with articles and features about artists and records and labels and music industry opinions and whatnot. Do I have any real formal writing training? Nope, not a real stitch. But I have read my fair share of writers, publications books, and many other sources to kinda figure this whole writing thing out. And you know what: I think I can wing it pretty well. Not to take anything away from the real journalists out there, I know I am an amateur.

The concept is basically “Music People to Music People”. The plural means I do not plan to be the sole content contributor. I plan to call on my friends I have made throughout the 15 + years I have spent in and around the D/FW music scene to give me a hand from time to time. I know some of them might fancy themselves as writers too.

Besides reviews/preview of concerts/shows and recordings – which are a given, there are to be an additional 4 sections of music commentary, opinion, fact and guidance that I believe, as a music lover and as someone who loves reading about music, people will find interesting. Since this site is based in Dallas/Fort Worth, there will be a substantial amount of content stemming from this region. There will be weekly Features – general music essays and commentaries, Little Scene – profiling anything and everything in the Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton scene from past to future, Body Of Work – a full examination and review, album by album of an artist’s repertoire, and finally Starter Kits – a brief overview of important releases from an artist, label, region, scene, or genre in order to give a newcomer a starting place.

As a music lover, these are the types of things I would enjoy reading about. And honestly, I don’t believe I am alone.

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