Little Scene

With The Synaptic being based out of Dallas/Fort Worth, there is quite a bit of exposure to the Texas region. Since 1986, over 65 artists/bands have been signed to national/major labels, and earned opportunities outside the Dallas/Fort Worth/Denton region. We aim to not only cover what’s happening today, but also revisit the artists of yesteryear, telling their stories as well. Only a handful of those 65 plus artists/bands have made more than a splash on the landscape that is out there, and we want to tell their stories as well, and delve into the triumphs, successes, tragedies and heartbreaks of these pioneers.

Little Scene: 2010: The Year In Local Music

Little Scene: The M.V.P.’s Of The Weekend – Eleven Hundred Springs

Little Scene: Sinking In – The Imminent Doom of the Ridglea Theater

Little Scene: R.I.P. Kelly Parker

Little Scene: Top 25 (Or So) Local Releases

Little Scene: Take Me To A Place Called… Trees

Little Scene: Baboon Revisited

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