Volume: Review – 35 Conferette Day One – Denton, TX – 03/10/11

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Alright. Day One down. I made you mine. 11 bands in 9 ½ hours. Whew.

35 Conferette kicked off yesterday in true Denton fashion: a little behind. This was fitting, since L’il D never really seems to be in a rush, for anything. What I learned about the square and the downtown area of town yesterday was, in fact, nothing here is flat. Whatsoever. This made not only for an entertaining day, but an exercising day as well. I could use both for sure!

Starting off the day with OK Sweetheart, a very low-key almost more laid back Trinity Sessions era Cowboy Junkies type was the perfect way to describe everything happening – paced. As the day wore on, miles were walked as we caught sets from Ms. Denton and D/FW’s next big thing Sarah Jaffe, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, The Cush, Doug Burr, Monahans, gospel queen Mavis Staples, Austin’s jammy garage influenced White Denim,  Bravo, Max!, and Sundress before wrapping up the day with a bone shaking set by Slobberbone, whom I hadn’t seen in almost 8 years.

If Mavis Staples owned the day, which she did, the big surprises came from OK Sweetheart and Bravo, Max!, neither of which I had seen or even really heard before. Looking forward to getting my hands on OK Sweetheart’s music, and I can’t necessarily pinpoint what it is, but Bravo, Max! has “IT”.

Lastly, and almost as fun, spotting professional wrestlers as security made the experience a bit surreal. Formerly of Arlington’s PCW, seeing  wrestlers such as Canyon and the former Shadow/Dallas/Lance Rock (TNA), Lance Hoyt (as he was known during his stint in WWE) walk around in their security garb made me wonder how out of hand we were expecting Denton’s indie rock scenesters to get? I’m guessing very.

Maybe that’s what’s in store for today. Guess we’ll see!

~ by thesynaptic on March 11, 2011.

2 Responses to “Volume: Review – 35 Conferette Day One – Denton, TX – 03/10/11”

  1. Bravo, Max! is releasing their debut full-length album in less than a month with a cd release party at City Tavern. Can’t wait!

  2. Bravo, Max! is releasing their debut full length album in less than a month with a limited vinyl release party at GOOD RECORDS record store day, April 16th.

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