Feature: The Synaptic Empire Unleashed

Click To Order!

Click To Order!

‘Twas the summer of 1991. I was almost 21 and for some reason that year was the year of elusive employment. I couldn’t buy a job to save my life. I was hanging out in Denton with a couple of friends when their neighbor came downstairs and asked if we would like to hear about a great business opportunity. Being chronically unemployed, I said sure. So while my friend’s wife was making dinner, the husband and I went, optimistically, upstairs to hear about this opportunity.

None of it made sense at all. These people were getting rich selling products to themselves? Gotta rope your friends and family into it as well? It was my introduction to Amway. Pyramid scams. A bunch of bullroar. But, during the seemingly 9 hour sales pitch, a question was asked of me. What would you like to have more than anything? A bit stumped, my buddy piped up “A record label.” Hmmmm, a record label. That hadn’t ever crossed my mind – I was going to be the next Louis Messina, concert promoter extraordinaire – but sounded pretty cool.

So I jumped on it and just a scant 24 years later, I’ve started The Synaptic Empire, the record label for The Synaptic. It was evolutionarily the most logical step forward for The Synaptic. There are many big plans for 2015, but this is by far the biggest. And is already a reality.

We have released the 4th record from Fort Worth’s psychedelic shoegazers The Cush, Transcendental Heatwave, due 1/27/2015 with the first CD release party at The Grotto on 1/30/2015! It’s quite a leap, but I believe in this band and record so much I decided to put my money where my mouth is, got behind the record and made it my first release.

Transcendental Heatwave is available for preorder right now, and will ship 1/23/2015. Do yourself a favor and pick one up!

~ by thesynaptic on January 7, 2015.

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