Feature: Meet The Cush

The Cush at Lola's

The Cush at Lola’s

The collective amount of time I’ve known the members of The Cush could make up a lifetime. Weddings, shows, various bands, various sounds, hell, Burette Douglas was even in the first band I ever put on stage at the Weatherford National Guard Armory in ’92 (there’s footage somewhere…) and I couldn’t be prouder of where these four have wound up musically, on the verge of releasing their incredible 4th album, Transcendental Heatwave, I knew this show was a no-go without them on the bill. Burette and his wife, bassist/vocalist Gabrielle Douglas  answered a few questions for us leading up to Saturday night’s, pardon the term, face melter of a show.

The Synaptic: Describe The Cush for the uninitiated?

The Cush: Texas psychedelic, space rock and all that it entails with male/female harmonies. We can get loud and rocking, then turn it around to space cadet country, and then throw in some kraut rock.

TS: Who makes up the current lineup of the band?

TC: Burette Douglas- Guitar/vocals Gabrielle Douglas– Bass/vocals Josh Daugherty-Guitar/Steel guitar Todd Harwell– Drums

TS: The band’s 4th record is upcoming, what can you tell us about Transcendental Heatwave?

TC: It rocks man. This album was mixed by David Castell, whom we worked with on Buck Jones‘ album, Shimmer. We always wanted to work with him again, and really psyched that here we are, almost 17 years later, making a record together again!

TS: Panther Robe’s Chad DeAtley tried to skirt the question, but maybe you can answer honestly. In a street fight between The Cush and the members of Panther Robe, who would win?

TC: Panther Robe, they out number us 3 to1, and he who wears the panther robe is invincible.

TS: Aside from the new record, what’s on the horizon for The Cush, and what can the audience expect this Saturday night?

TC: You never really know what is over the horizon, hopefully good things! But, we are planning a European tour, more new music, and videos! Saturday night the audience can expect the unexpected!

The Cush plays with Baboon, The Skeeves, Huffer and Panther Robe for The Synaptic’s 4th Birthday Party, Sat 6/21/2014 at The Grotto in Fort Worth. Be sure to get your tickets here and don’t miss out on any of the fun!

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