Feature: Meet The Skeeves

Skeeves walkinI came across The Skeeves a few years back while working on the FW Music Co-Op Compilation CD. They were nowhere near my radar until I heard their track and was instantly intrigued. The Fort Worth based quartet wound up being a favorite not only on the comp, but live as well. Interchanging instruments, sharply dressed, The Skeeves made an impact and are about to release their second cd in the coming months. This is definitely a band to watch for, and one not to miss on 6/21. I sent The Skeeves multi-instrumentalist Victor Salinas a few questions so you all can get to know The Skeeves.

The Synaptic: How would you describe The Skeeves?

Victor Salinas: Texas post punk soul

TS: Who are The Skeeves?

VS: We are four guys trying to make some good tunes. Sr on vox/lead guitar/keys, Lyle on everything, Jr on drums/keys and Victor on bass/keys/vox.

TS: What can listeners expect from the new record? How was working with Matt Barnhart?

VS: A fuller better album and hopefully listeners will agree. Working with Matt was great and easy. We still need some more studio time before this album is complete, so we will be working again with Matt.

TS: Are The Skeeves above making a national spectacle of themselves to get noticed in 2014/15? Sex scandal? Embezzlement? Political aspirations?

VS: Of course not. Stay tuned!

TS: When was your last show and what can the audience expect from a rested The Skeeves on the 21st?

VS: Our last show was last year. You should expect a rowdy good time with a nice mixture of old and new songs!

The Skeeves plays with Baboon, The Cush, Huffer and Panther Robe for The Synaptic’s 4th Birthday Party, Sat 6/21/2014 at The Grotto in Fort Worth. Be sure to get your tickets here and don’t miss out on any of the fun!

~ by thesynaptic on June 16, 2014.

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