Feature: Meet Huffer

Photo: Dark Horse Images

Photo: Dark Horse Images

From the ashes of the wonderful yet barely known Velia Shrine, comes Fort Worth’s Huffer, a traditional 3 piece combo, guitar/vocals, bass and drums. Huffer has been playing quite a few shows in 2014 and gaining quite a bit of attention around Fort Worth, even being nominated for Best New Act in the upcoming FW Weekly Awards. They were a shoo-in for The Synaptic 4th Birthday Party at The Grotto, and are sure to turn some heads. I asked guitarist/vocalist Chea Cuevas a few questions to help everyone get acquainted with Huffer.


The Synaptic: What is Huffer?

Chea Cuevas: A three piece rock band from Fort Worth Texas.


TS: Who’s in the band and how does it differ from your last project together?

CC: We consist of Jeremy Nelson(drums) Rob Navarrete(bass) and myself Chea Cuevas(guitar/ vocals). We used to be in an instrumental metal band together. We decided to do Huffer as a totally different project. Something none of us had ever done before musically.


TS: Do you attribute at least some of your recent success and attention to your tremendous beards?

CC: Maybe, I hope that it’s more about the music than our beards. Being that our drummer recently shaved his off ha!


TS: Have you guys ever collectively mooned anyone? If so, you are aware that it’s against the law?

CC: We have not. Yet.. After the 21st we may have a different answer to this question. As far as legalities go. What happens at The Grotto stays at The Grotto right?


TS: What do you strive for people to hear in Huffer’s brand of rock and what can we look forward to on the 21st?

CC: 90’s rock with some metal influences. Expect nothing short of a party!


Huffer plays with Baboon, The Cush, The Skeeves and Panther Robe for The Synaptic’s 4th Birthday Party, Sat 6/21/2014 at The Grotto in Fort Worth. Be sure to get your tickets here and don’t miss out on any of the fun!

~ by thesynaptic on June 10, 2014.

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