Feature: Meet Panther Robe

Panther RobeThe early wildcard on The Synaptic’s 4th Birthday Party is Panther Robe. Playing their first Fort Worth show, they were a no brainer for inclusion, as The Synaptic is all about different textures, styles and sounds. In advance of their opening set on 6/21/2014, bassist and old friend Chad DeAtley (Doosu, Dove Hunter) was kind enough to answer a few questions for us to get acquainted with Panther Robe.

The Synaptic: Chad, could you describe just what a Panther Robe is and what one might sound like?

Chad DeAtley: The Panther Robe is an article of clothing that you would drape on yourself. The head of the great cat would act as a visor of sorts. The fangs would hang down obscuring parts of your vision. The rest of the pelt serves to warm and protect it’s wearer. You become adorned with it’s power. You can see things others cannot. You hear what no one hears. You can challenge anyone and no one will challenge you because, you are wearing a god damn black panther and that’s pretty sweet.

TS: What is the lineup of this new project?

CD: The roster is: Quincy Holloway and Clay Stinnett on drums and percussion/ Chris Plavidal on trumpet, melodica and guitar/ Chad Walls and Sean French on synths and cool noise making stuff/ Colin Arnold with the guitar and vocal sounds/ me, I play the bass guitar. We’ve been fortunate enough to have John Barker run visuals on a couple shows and John Nuckels doing some mixing/effects/sound stuff.

TS: What brought you fellas together? Longtime friendship? Cosmic forces? Massive financial gains?

CD: The idea for the band requires like-minded individuals who can mind meld. Each person gravitated toward the project instinctively.

TS: We look forward to seeing you guys on the 21st, what might the audience expect?

CD: The audience can expect to hear some dudes playing some instruments. That’s all that I can guarantee. Each show has been different. We don’t have a setlist or even an established idea of what is going to happen. We hope to one day be slightly more organized but, right now we are having fun just feeling each other out.

TS: Lastly, in a streetfight against fellow billmates The Cush, who would win? Would you use your numbers against them? Dirty tactics?

CD: Panther Robe has Clay and Quincy. Those guys eat souls so, good luck with that. Nobody would ever want to fight The Cush anyway, they are way too warm and friendly. Now Baboon, that’s a different story……

Check out Panther Robe’s first set recorded for your pleasure on their Soundcloud page here and be sure to get to The Grotto early for their set on 6/21/2014 with Baboon, The Cush, The Skeeves, and Huffer. Get your tickets here!

~ by thesynaptic on June 5, 2014.

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