Volume: 35 Denton Day 1 – 03/08/12

35 Denton, N. Texas’ first major multi-day music festival, has gone through almost more name changes than years in operation. The kickoff event for the Texas festival season has certainly worked to stake its claim on the festival circuit, trying different things each year to see what sticks and what doesn’t. This year there isn’t as much of a main stage presence as in past years, completely foregoing any main stage acts for opening day, making the opening night of the festival a more club oriented affair.

There are really 2 objectives this year: OM and The Jesus and Mary Chain. Therefore with Thursday being geared towards the clubs, I staked my claim at Rubber Gloves from the get go. There wasn’t to be a chance of missing either OM or True Widow, I made certain of that.

The night began with a nice surprise from Denton’s heavily prog influenced act Vaults of Zin. Reminders of Fort Worth’s much lamented Yeti were abound for sure. I had heard great things about these guys, and they did not disappoint.

I completely missed the next act, Terminator 2 while dealing with a what I now know was a dying phone. Oh the joys of having to unexpectedly buy a new phone, which is what I had to do. Up next was True Widow, who released their stunning sophomore full-length As High As The Highest Heavens… last year. I had been looking forward to seeing them for a while, and whereas they were very good, my anticipation for OM eclipsed their set a bit.

By this point the room is filled and the door had to implement a one-in-one-out policy for entry. I had seen OM a few years back at the Wall of Sound festival in Fort Worth, and was truly blown away by them. Since then, they released the excellent God is Good, replaced drummers, and added keyboards to their live performances. Al Cisneros (Sleep) hypnotic head bob, basslines and chanted vocal style are the stuff of legend, transfixing the capacity crowd to a more peaceful plane.

I mistakenly thought I could slip out of the last few minutes of their set to catch Mikal Cronin’s set across the festival at The Labb, but evidently he tore through his set and left nothing in his wake, as he was finished 15 minutes before his set time was over. This was a great disappointment to me. But alas, it had already been a great night.

I was unable to attend Friday’s shows, but my correspondent Jasun Lee will have a rundown of all the action.

See you all out there Saturday!

~ by thesynaptic on March 10, 2012.

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