Feature: Top 10 Local Releases 2011

And here are The Synaptic’s Top 10 D/FW releases.

  1. Burning Hotels – Burning Hotels
  2. Maleveller – Maleveller
  3. The Great Tyrant – There Is A Man In The House
  4. Bravo, Max! – Dog’s Light
  5. Calhoun – Heavy Sugar
  6. The Nighty Nite – Dimples
  7. Sarah Jaffe – The Way Sound Leaves A Room
  8. True Widow – As High As The Highest Heavens And From the Center Of the Circumference Of The Earth
  9. Here Holy Spain – Division
  10. Descender – Dark Water

Well D/FW, we had another stellar year of music within our region. We got debut full-length records from Bravo, Max! and Maleveller, and the posthumous album from The Great Tyrant. True Widow made waves on a national stage while Calhoun released their strongest album to date. We were treated to John Congleton’s latest project The Nighty Nite, and Descender and Here Holy Spain lashed out with excellent sophomore releases. Sarah Jaffe whetted appetites with some odds and ends coupled with a tremendous DVD of her show from earlier this year, all the while proving packaging matters.

Bringing us to a second straight year of Burning Hotels dominance. For me, no record was played more than their incredible self-titled album. Chance Morgan and Matt Mooty have raised the bar for everyone. I gushed about this record when I got it, and I still gush about it 200 listens later. Thanks guys.

What does 2012 have in store for us? I would keep an eye on the following: Signals and Alibis, Badcreek, The Velia Shrine, F.T.W., White Elephant, and Transistor Tramps. I believe these are some of the future of our scene.

~ by thesynaptic on December 22, 2011.

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