Volume: Lyle Lovett – Bass Performance Hall, Fort Worth, TX – 12/20/2011

Is there a performer out there more suited for a venue and vice versa than Lyle Lovett and Bass Hall? Truly, there mustn’t be. Last night Lyle Lovett and His Acoustic Group were at home on the Bass Hall’s stage, filling its elegant surroundings with a fresh take on his massive canon of material. It’s truly a musician’s musician who can envision their songs in any form, and the stripped down 6 piece acoustic group took no exception.

For over 2 ½ hours Lovett regaled the audience at Bass Hall with favorites, deep cuts and covers. As I had only seen him with His Large Band, this was different, yet not lacking in any way. “She’s No Lady”, “If I Had A Boat”, “That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas)” and “I Will Rise Up” came through without missing anything at all. Lovett’s near comedic performances seamlessly meld awkward, self-deprecating comedic timing with his often humorous, quirky lyrics. With songs about his truck, or comparing food to love, or even sticking it to his wife because she’s not a lady, it’s when Lovett digs in and gets serious that he’s at his best. Pulling two of my favorites from Joshua Judges Ruth, “She’s Already Made Up Her Mind” and “North Dakota” Lovett and his band created atmospheric delights with their sparse arrangements being toyed with and spruced up. The new Christmas song, “The Girl With The Holiday Smile” was possibly the warmest song one has ever heard about a hooker around Christmastime.

Whether all 6 were locking in, or when cellist John Hagen and drummer Russ Kunkel exited the stage for an old timey bluegrass jamboree, it is evident these players love what they do. Gathered around Lovett’s center microphone, fiddler Luke Bulla, bassist Viktor Krauss and multi-instrumentalist, Duncanville’s Keith Sewell treated the audience with harmonies, picking and sheer bluegrass joy, presenting another dimension of their incomparable musical prowess, further stripping down this already bare bones act.

This was only the 5th time in 18 years I’ve gotten to see Lyle Lovett. And with the frequency he plays Fort Worth it’s a shame. If you ever see Lyle Lovett, do yourself a favor and see him in this atmosphere. Not even the screeching, distractions of Ms. Superfan behind me, making sure to laugh louder and longer than everyone else in the crowd to prove SHE definitely got the jokes could dampen the evening. Even with her husband shushing her and allowing her cell phone to ring during the quietest part of “North Dakota” (yes ma’am, you were very annoying for 2 ½ hours) they could not deter the magnificence of Mr. Lovett.

Thank you Lyle, for a wonderful evening . Bass Hall is honestly your home.

Setlist (Mostly)

Intro (Instrumental)

Babes In The Woods (Walter Hyatt Cover)

The Girl With The Holiday Smile

The Truck Song

Cowboy Man

Private Conversation

She’s No Lady She’s My Wife

Well Alright (Buddy Holly Cover)

I Will Rise Up

Cute As A Bug

My Baby Don’t Tolerate

This Old Porch

She’s Already Made Up Her Mind

If I Were The man You Wanted

LA County

If I Needed You (Townes Van Zandt Cover)

Nothing But A Good Ride

Give Me Back My Heart

More Pretty Girls Than One (Ricky Skaggs Cover)

I’ll Come Knocking (Walter Hyatt Cover)

Keep It in Your Pantry

Up In Indiana

If I Had A Boat

Good Intentions

North Dakota

That’s Right (You’re Not From Texas)



You Can’t Resist It

~ by thesynaptic on December 21, 2011.

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