Preview: Black Hills – The Boiler Room, Dallas, TX – 8/27/11

There was a time in the Dallas metal scene when it was dominated by one name: Slow Roosevelt. It actually got to the point we jokingly called the Dallas Observer Music Award Metal category “The Peter Thomas Award for Excellence in the Field of Heavy Metal” they won it so many years in a row(one of Thomas’s previous acts, Last Rites had also won this award). Therefore news of a new project including Thomas, Black Hills, is certainly something to take notice. This Saturday night marks the return to the stage for our old friend Peter Thomas, and the former Slow Roosevelt/Beautiful Disaster vocalist was kind enough to answer a few questions about the first of two projects debuting in the next few weeks.

1. Who are the members of the Black Hills?

Clint Litton-Drums(Legions Will Fall, The F*cking Worst), Marc Serrano-Guitar(A Dozen Furies),
Nick Grande-Bass(Generic, Our Tragic Hero), Braxton Henry-Guitars(Dead Industry, Bloodties, The F*cking Worst, Legions Will Fall), Pete Thomas-Vocals(Slow Roosevelt)

2. For those of us who haven’t gotten to hear The Black Hills yet, what can be expected from the sound?

Whiskey metal is the best comparison. Distilled, aged whiskey metal. Aged being appropriate. Southern metal that actually sounds pretty good.

3. In order to give people a reference point, how does Black Hills compare to your earlier projects such as Slow Roosevelt and The Beautiful Disaster? Other projects from other members?

I think it’s a pretty different scenario altogether. First time in a band with 2 guitar players so it makes the stage a bit more crowded. Along with different musical tastes I didn’t know if what I brought to the table would be the best thing for this sort of music. However, with the talent these guys have I found my place. It took a bit, but once I got a feel for what was happening, I found it and its working.

4. Any recording plans at this point?

Yeah, we’ve already got a few songs done. It helps when one of the guitar players (Braxton) has his own recording studio. Should have some discs to give out at the show for those interested.

5. With the busy schedules of the band members, do you guys expect to play often?

Not really. Given the schedules and what everyone else is working on maybe a few times a year. Catch us when you can.

6. What can the nice people coming out to your first show together at The Boiler Room this Saturday look forward to?

A severe intense beating by some whiskey breath son of a bitch. Seriously. This will be more rowdy than a honkey tonk in a poorly educated rural community.

 Black Hills play their first show Saturday, 8/27 at The Boiler Room in Deep Ellum.

~ by thesynaptic on August 26, 2011.

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