Contest: Win a Pair of Tickets for Dia de los Toadies 8/27/11!

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The Synaptic is the official unofficial historian of The Toadies. Occasionally the band even has to ask me questions about their career. Therefore, when coming up with a contest for a pair of tickets to this year’s installment of Dia de los Toadies, I knew it had to be something special. So, I have come up with a few not too difficult but not too easy Toadies trivia questions.

Here’s the deal. Answer the following questions and send your answers along with your Twitter handle to The ones with the most correct answers will be entered into a drawing for a pair of tickets to the festival. But that’s not all. Be sure you are following The Synaptic on Twitter, there will be a bonus question asked via Twitter over the weekend. Pretty easy right? Right.

Only followers of The Synaptic on Facebook and Twitter are eligible. So be sure you are following us on both, and may the best trivia junkie win!

1)      How many members have The Toadies had in their 22 year existence?

a)      8

b)      13

c)      10

d)      19

2)      There are 2 songs that appear in some form on 6 official Toadies releases. What two songs are they?

3)      Match the song with the soundtrack/compilation.


1)      Cut Me Out

2)      Luck Be A Lady

3)      Paper Dress

4)      Goolie Get-Together

5)      Cowboy Song

6)      Not In Love

7)      Beauty School Dropout


a)    Saturday Morning Cartoons

b)     Basquiat

c)     Sandy Does Dallas

d)     Come On Feel The Metal

e)     Chairman of the Board

f)      The Crow II

g)     Escape From LA

4)      Out of the following, which band have The Toadies never toured with?

a)      Big Chief

b)      The Cult

c)      Bush

d)     Diffuser

5)      What is widely considered The Toadies home club? In which of these clubs did The Toadies play their first show?  


a)      Trees

b)      Mad Hatter’s

c)      The Argo

d)      The Axis

6)      Who produced the original version of Feeler?


7)      Who was the first band to play at a Dia de los Toadies event?

8)      In what Toadies video does The Synaptic appear?

9)      What region/state is considered to have broken The Toadies in 1994?

10)   Toadies bassist Donivan Blair played in several bands prior to joining The Toadies as a full time member in 2008. Name 2 of these bands.

Send your answers in to And be sure to watch for the bonus Twitter question this weekend! Entries will be taken through NOON CST on Tuesday, 8/23. Winner will be contacted at 4:00 PM 8/23. Good luck!

~ by thesynaptic on August 19, 2011.

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