Feature: Preview – Pinkish Black’s The Great Tyrant LP Release Show – The Wild Rooster, Fort Worth, TX

Pinkish Black

When The Great Tyrant’s bassist, the incomparable Tommy Atkins, passed away suddenly last year, the remaining duo of Daron Beck and Jon Teague made the decision to continue on. Pinkish Black was christened as they continued to frighten audiences across the metroplex with their vaguely definable approach to music, an approach that earned them an FW Weekly Music Award this year for Best Experimental/Avant Garde.

Flash forward 18 months or so and we finally receive the fruits of the recording that was in the midst of wrapping up for The Great Tyrant as the long awaited full-length from the most interesting band from Fort Worth gets its proper release tonight. Pinkish Black doesn’t sound so much like The Great Tyrant anymore as they do, say, Pinkish Black – an over the top kraut-rock revved up Gary Numan to the nth degree that is sure to challenge the masses and turn heads for one reason or another.

The Great Tyrant LP is available only in a vinyl format, so this release should prove to be something special. If you are into music out of the norm and steer clear of the status quo, please take note if you haven’t already. Fort Worth is lucky to have these guys in our scene, and to have the opportunity to see them as often as we do.

Take advantage of it.

Pinkish Black, Cinema Cinema, and Greg Ginn (Black Flag) and The Royal We play The Wild Rooster Bar in Fort Worth tonight. Show starts at 9:00.

~ by thesynaptic on August 5, 2011.

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  1. […] responsible for the formation of this band, sadly enough. Obviously, I’ve been able to gather bits and peices of the band’s history here and there, however. Secondly (and mainly), I just really dig […]

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