Volume: (the) Melvins – The Mohawk, Austin, TX – 05/27/11

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I loathe the word “epic”. Over the past couple of years, it has become a watered down adjective that means almost as much as “amazing” does anymore. Gone is the impact of that word in such a way that when something truly deserves to be called “epic” it has lost almost all meaning. But occasionally, it’s truly the only word suitable to describe an event, and last night’s opening of the Melvins weekend residency at Austin’s Mohawk was honestly just that.


Playing two sets, the first containing the songs from 1992’s seamless Lysol album and their Christmas EP Eggnog and the second with their milestone major label debut, 1993’s Houdini, the Melvins crushed souls devastating eardrums simultaneously. The band once proclaimed to be “Louder Than Soundgarden” proved to be just that.

The second set, containing Houdini saw old favorites dusted off for the first time in years, King Buzzo and bassist Jared Warren bellowed through “Joan of Arc”, the KISS cover “Going Blind”, alongside familiar live staples such as “Honey Bucket”, “Hooch” and one of my absolute favorites, “Night Goat”. Closing the first evening with the dual drums of Coady Willis and Dale Crover attacking the final instrumental track, “Spread Eagle Beagle” with all fury and bombast of a band half their age, this lineup and approach signifies the finest this band has been in its almost 30 year career.

Most acts who have been playing the entirety of their albums have been doing so in the track order on that album, but of course the Melvins have to be different, rearranging the song order to keep it fresh for everyone. I would imagine tonight’s show would be the same.

After witnessing last night’s performance, I can’t wait for them to tackle tonight’s offering of the 1991 classic Bullhead, and what many consider the band’s masterpiece, 1995’s Stoner Witch, dusting off seldom heard tracks such as “Roadbull”, “Zodiac” “Skweetis” and “Your Blessened”.

Bring on night two!!!

~ by thesynaptic on May 28, 2011.

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