Volume: Third Annual Cadillac Fraf Memorial Birthday Party – Garuda, The Roller, Panther City Bandits/Bad Creek – Lola’s Saloon – 05/05/11

For the third straight year, friends, family and general well wishers have descended upon Lola’s Saloon to celebrate fallen friend Chad Percy’s (Cadillac Fraf) birthday in loud fashion. And volume again was delivered.

Perennial headliners Garuda closed out the night with their near frightening aggressive hybrid of gutter punk and thrash, led by the otherworldly vocal style of longtime scene stalwart Brain Waits. Reforming for the first pair of birthday parties in 2009, Garuda decided to stick with it and have once again become one of the area’s more interesting counterculture attractions.

Austin’s The Roller made the trek up this year, complete with former Suiciety and occasional Sub Oslo bassist and Fort Worth favorite Miguel Veliz in tow. Any time one gets the chance to see Miguel ply his trade, take the opportunity. I truly believe that Veliz has discovered an entirely new and lower bass register to pummel faces and shred eardrums and souls alike. This was my first time to (finally) see The Roller, and I can tell you I was not disappointed in the least.

The Panther City Bandits delivered an exceptional set of The Clash meets The Pogues upbeat punk rock, while another member of Suiciety – Linc Campbell – joined the fray this year as the newly formed Bad Creek rocked the house with a fine set of Americana drenched country rock.

But as much as I enjoyed the entire evening, the night, for me, belonged to The Roller. If you are a fan of heavy, heavy music, The Roller is right up your alley.

And finally I would like to thank the organizers for another fine job putting together this bill. Each year has been a bit different and interesting to say the least. I’ll be out again next year.

~ by thesynaptic on May 10, 2011.

One Response to “Volume: Third Annual Cadillac Fraf Memorial Birthday Party – Garuda, The Roller, Panther City Bandits/Bad Creek – Lola’s Saloon – 05/05/11”

  1. I am from Amarillo and have hung out with fraf. I just got out of prison a few months ago and thought I would google his name to see if I could find him, cause I am moving to Fort worth in a few days and thought i might be able to find him. I came across a link to his music that he had passed away. Man that really sux. When I was locked up I would sing some of his songs to myself to take my mind off of things while I was in seg.. He was real and so where his songs. He was a great soul and is missed….. RIP

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