Volume: The Hellions – The Doublewide, Dallas TX 05/08/11

The Hellions

I always hate it when people dismiss entertainment in any form as not important. Sometimes, there are events that take place that certainly have importance. The presence, and the very rare presence mind you,  of my favorite Dallas punk band, one of my favorite locals and arguably my favorite punk band period The Hellions playing a show anywhere at any time is enough to get me out of the house no matter how hectic a weekend it has already been. It’s just that important.

For the uninitiated, The Hellions play the sort of fast, filthy, cutting punk rock with a tongue planted in cheek, possibly a little wink, and loads of energy. Not bad for guys in their 40’s. When former REO Speedealer vocalist Dave Woodard, Rigor Mortis/GWAR bassist Casey Orr, former Puncture guitarist Mike T, drummer Mark Baker, and now Austinite guitarist Mike Todd get together, they clearly define the genre as we know it today. This is the type of band that headliners watch in awe and almost worry about. And the fact that they only do this part time is a sad state of affairs.

Therefore, when you have the chance to catch them, make every effort to do so. Opening for legendary punks TSOL on Sunday, The Hellions must’ve scared the Hell outta them. The Doublewide was fairly full for their opening set, which not all openers in that room are afforded that luxury. But as I said, this was important. Playing the first time since Feb 2010, and the second time I can remember since the West Memphis Three benefit with Henry Rollins/Keith Morris in Fort Worth during the summer of 2003, this was another rare occasion. So I took the liberty.

Littering their set with tracks from their EXCELLENT self-titled 2001 album (wow, a DECADE?) and a few newer tracks (supposedly there’s finally going to be a new album in the hopefully not so distant future) The Hellions proved why they are so great at what they do. No one in that room was disappointed with their performance, and for some, even other than myself, might have been the only reason to get out on this Sunday night.

I know it was for me, I saw no one else. As a matter of fact, evidently there were several people I knew out there I didn’t even see I breezed in and out so quickly. I was at The Doublewide for exactly 48 minutes, before hopping back in the car and driving the 40 minutes home to Fort Worth.

Yes, it was that important.

~ by thesynaptic on May 10, 2011.

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