The EDGE Asks: What Local Act Should Open Edgefest 2011? The Cush, Of Course

The Cush

What local should open Edgefest? I hate to be biased about this kind of thing, but I have been touting The Cush as the act to watch for 2011. The former Buck Jones husband and wife team of Burette and Gabrielle Douglas moved back to Fort Worth from Vermont last year after a decade of honing their direction in a psychedelic leaning indie alt-rock. Solidifying their lineup with 2 of the area’s finest players  over the past few months, former Dove Hunter and Burden Brothers guitarist Josh Daugherty and former Doosu and Flickerstick drummer Todd Harwell, their sights are boundless.

Taking to area stages last Fall, they have been wowing crowds with their flexibility, from playing acoustic shows, to two piece shows, three piece shows, and even full blown band shows that can take tangents left and right. No one usually leaves a show by The Cush without being somewhat converted by their musical prowess and overwhelming humility and charm.

Why should The Cush open Edgefest 2011? Because out of all the band in the running, this band gets the job done better and easier than anyone else. Don’t believe me? Put them on the bill and let them go.

~ by thesynaptic on April 14, 2011.

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