The Record Lounge: Reviews 04/12/11 – Foo Fighters, TV On The Radio

Foo Fighters – Wasting Light

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I won’t lie. I’m a Foo Fighters fan. A pretty big Foo Fighters fan to be honest. Partly because they rock, and partly because they are just “that” kind of band. They don’t really deviate from their formula too much, but some of the greats never do (Ramones, Motorhead). What you expect is a solid rock album from them, and they continually deliver. Much like Wasting Light.

On their seventh full length studio release, and first with Colour and the Shape guitarist Pat Smear back on board, Dave Grohl and company do not disappoint offering yet another straightforward rock album breaking no new ground. You might think they will, with the varying tempos of the first two tracks, “Bridge Burning” and “Rope”, but by track 3 they are back towing the line with solid, Foo’s type rock. If you like them, you’ll be happy. If you’re looking for more out of them… why? Let them do their thing, and don’t expect too much more than what they are, just lay back and enjoy the ride.


TV On The Radio – Nine Types of Light

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The fourth proper full length release from Brooklyn’s TV On The Radio builds upon the more laid back atmosphere of their previous album, Dear Science. More beat heavy and lackadaisical than earlier releases, Nine Types of Light runs the risk of losing some of the momentum the former 2004 Short List Award winner had gained in the second half of the ‘00’s. Non-existent are producer/guitarist Dave Sitek’s sonic textures, leaving behind a mostly hazy, low key effort, showcasing beats, groove and soul. Track 4 brings some life into the record, with “No Future Shock”, then dips back into the lower energy register until tracks 7 & 8 shake the listener awake with “New Cannonball Run” and “Repetition”, ending on a high note with “Caffeinated Conciousness”. What we have here is a TV On The Radio that sounds lusher and more relaxed than on previous work, which could also be the product of new scenery: this is the first album the band has recorded outside their Brooklyn homestead, relocating to Los Angeles for recording duties.

Does that mean it’s a bad record? No, not by a long shot. It’s still TV On The Radio, the band nick-named “America’s Radiohead”. They will always be interesting and make music most others wish they could. But do I like this as much as Return To Cookie Mountain? I cannot say that I do.

~ by thesynaptic on April 12, 2011.

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