Feature: R.I.P. Brandon Kord “Dirty K” Murphy

Brandon Kord "Dirty K" Murphy (Image Borrowed from Facebook)

I could never do that handshake snap thing. Every time it was just a failure. And Kord did it to me every time I saw him. “What’s up kid?” followed by another futile attempt to make this handshake work. It finally just became a joke. Despite everything that was always said about Murphy and his band Pimpadelic, he was always just Kord to me.

I met Kord “Dirty K” Murphy well before he was “Dirty K” back in 1986 at the old defunct Cruisin’ Club teen hangout behind the old Camp Bowie Sound Warehouse. Whereas I was part of the Aledo contingent, he was Weatherford. I knew some of that crowd from being a member at First Baptist Church out there, so they weren’t too unfamiliar. From that point on, we just always got along. He was just one of those people who I would continually run across throughout various stages in life. He was friends with a girl I was dating in the earliest 90’s and would see him quite a bit during that time as well.

I can remember when he had moved to Fort Worth and the word around was that he was living in a house with some friends and buying all rap videos on the old pay per view cable channel and was going to be a rapper. “Another white rapper? Good luck”, I thought. Pimpadelic’s reputation preceded them pretty heavily in the mid-90’s. Somehow, I always ran into Kord at the Shell station at Montgomery and 30. It was a common occurrence, actually, to an almost alarming rate. He would always sincerely ask me to come see his band, I would always nonchalantly give a “Maybe, we’ll see” sort of retort. Always non-committal.

Eventually, when they began working with a friend in the industry who I had always respected, I had to take notice. And finally saw Pimpadelic. I have to say, I was proud of Kord and his skills. I was pleasantly surprised that he was great at what he did, and always had a sense of remorse for not taking him up on his invitations to see the band prior. I would go on to champion them even when it was an unpopular opinion. And so many times, it was. But I had nothing against any of these guys, because Kord was cool with me, so was the band, always. And I appreciated that.

I ran out on my lunch break on release day for the Tommy Boy re-release of Southern Devils to support my friend. And was so happy it had turned out so well – I still tout this as one of the best releases to come from the D/FW area. But unfortunately Mr. Murphy had his demons. And they seemed to be catching up with him. These demons would derail what I always felt would be a turning point for the band, their second full national tour (Fall of 2000) they were forced to do without him when he was pulled from the road for legal reasons.

He would rejoin the band a couple of years later, but the damage had been done. I had always hoped these actions would help him clean up his act, but alas they didn’t.

I never saw Kord again after they played Trees while I worked there in 2003. In the back of my mind, I guess I always pulled for him, and expected to see him at some point, soon, with his act clean. But I guess that wasn’t to be. Although I hadn’t seen him for years, I was saddened by the news yesterday that he had passed, that his demons had fully caught up with him. I was not so much surprised by the news as I was disappointed.

I won’t go into any details here, because 1) I do not have 100% accurate details and 2) its just not my place to spread potentially false information. I do know he was taken off life support at 3:00 yesterday afternoon, and passed around 3:20, his body unable to keep up with his lifestyle.

Maybe one day I will get that handshake snap combo thing down. Maybe.

Get some rest, Kord. Get some rest.

~ by thesynaptic on March 28, 2011.

8 Responses to “Feature: R.I.P. Brandon Kord “Dirty K” Murphy”

  1. I was just wanting to meet the guy that wrote this. Who is this? That is the Kord I want to remember and would like everyone to remember. This was so well written. You seem to have gotten to see the side of Kord that I did. I have been set at peace from his passing. No longer do I have to worry about his life. And like you said, he is free of his demons that he never could shake. I can’t do that snap thing either, but I do remember it. Thank you for writing this, it gives me a chance to show our son the good side of Kord that his lifestyle hasn’t let out the past few years.


    • Very well put Mandalyn….That Was the “Real Kord” & Exactly how he should be remembered. My thoughts & prayers are with you & your family…
      Stacy Wliburn (Plowman)

  2. I met Kord in 1983, in Weatherford Texas at a half pipe they called “The Cowboy Ramp”. I was a little smart-ass kid, that for some reason, he decided to take under his wing. To me and my friends, he was Fonzi, Kool Moe Dee all rolled up in a curly headed white kid. To call him my friend was an honor to me, an honor I still cherish to this day. He was like my big brother and cool uncle, in the way he looked out for me. We remained friends from 83 to R.I.P. There will never be another Dirty K.

    The Best There Is,
    The Best There Was,
    The Best There Will Ever Be…

    The best friend I’ve ever had. I love you, K. I’m gonna miss you!!

  3. To the faimly of Kord, I have only known him for a few years, but in hoes few years he had become one of my “True” friends. He was always there for me when I needed him, even if it was just to talk to about something. I know he loved his faimly very much because he spoke of you often. We all make mistakes in life, but Kord had a true tallent, and we all know that tallent was music. May God be with his faimly and his son in this hard time, and may you find peace with all this. Just know Kord is a Angel now watching over all of us, until we reach the gates of Heaven to join him.

  4. I met Kord while in Highschool at Weatherford High. We had gymnastics together and all we did was sit around and talk shit about all the other kids doing summer saults lol. Kord was alot of fun and will be sorely missed by all. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Murphy family. GodBless

  5. Damn! Mandalyn, Swack you guys made me start crying again! I really appreciate whoever wrote this, it’s the first thing I’ve read that read like it was from someone who knew Kord, and cared about him! Can’t say when I first met him, but the first time I hung out with him was after hours at the Velvet Room, with Baker, what can I say he brought nothing but a smile to my face ever since and always will! LuvU kid!!

    • Bea, you have my friend with you now takin care of him. Please tell him to call me im worried about Swak and i told him i was going to find you some how. Thank you, Amy

  6. This article really shows respect for a beautiful man. Thank you…And thank you to all of those who have had his back. He was a good man who loved both of his boys very much. He deserves to be remembered that way.
    I miss you Kord..one love –Randi

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