Preview: Packed Weekend of Events in D/FW! – 03/25-27/11

If you don’t see some live music this weekend, somewhere, there’s something wrong with you. Over the next three nights, there are good shows happening all over Dallas and Fort Worth. Here are the highlights:

Friday Night 03/25/11

Descender/Record Hop/Oil Boom – Lola’s 6th – Fort Worth

The first night of the long-running KTCU program The Good Show’s takeover of Lola’s features two of the area’s brightest acts: Descender and Record Hop. Descender, toting their fantastic new record, Dark Water (and second release in under a year) are proving to be one of the area’s big rock acts – if you like big guitars and giant stadium filling sounds, look no further – and all of that ruckus will be barely contained inside Lola’s. Record Hop on the other hand is the band that should. Why this isn’t one of D/FW’s biggest acts, I’ll never know. Get out there and see them, you won’t be disappointed in their early-mid 90’s inspired indie rock, not that namby-pamby indie pop, I mean ROCK.

Skatenigs – The Rail Club – Fort Worth

A reformed Skatenigs has been taking TX by storm over the past week, reminding everyone what they were scared of in the late 80’s/early 90’s. Frequent tour mates of Ministry and Revolting Cocks, Skatenigs leader Phildo has reassembled his crew, including Rigor Mortis/Gwar/The Hellions bassist Casey Orr in tow. Not quite sure what to expect from the show or the club tonight – The Rail Club has had a few setbacks this week and will be BYOB for the foreseeable future – but without a doubt, fans of industrial strength metal won’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

Saturday Night 03/26/11

Devo – The Palladium Ballroom – Dallas

Hot on the heels of their excellent 2010 album, Something For Everybody, Devo makes another trek through Dallas this weekend. Will they play the hits? Of course they will. But when they get into the newer material it is not time for bathroom breaks or drinks, Devo will have the goods firmly in hand and ready for you.

The Nervebreakers/Fort Worth Cats – The Aardvark – Fort Worth

For any fan of local music, this show should already be on your calendar. There aren’t many chances to catch either of these legendary punk/new wave locals and you get them wrapped up in a nice one-two punch. Dallas’ The Nervebreakers have the notoriety of opening for everyone in the late 70’s including the infamous Sex Pistols show at Longhorn Ballroom. The Fort Worth Cats tremendous record on the very defunct VVV Records from back in the day melds punk, surf and new wave elements and is a must find for anyone with a nose for local archives.

The Dangits/Pinkish Black/The Me-Thinks/Elvis Took Acid – Lola’s 6th – Fort Worth

For night two of The Good Show’s takeover of Lola’s, there is a decidedly punk twist. The Dangits. The Me-Thinks and Elvis Took Acid are 3 of the area’s premier punk rock acts, while the somewhat odd-duck of this bill is one of Fort Worth’s most creative acts, Pinkish Black. If you like punk rock, this is your show for this weekend, and the exposure to Pinkish Black’s Kraut-Rock/No Wave influenced howling assault will do you well too. All hail Pinkish Black!

True Widow/The Cush/Ralph White – The Doublewide – Dallas

Celebrating the release of their much anticipated new album, As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth, True Widow returns to The Doublewide for another evening of dark, shoegaze inspired calamity. Along with Fort Worth’s psychedelic tinged The Cush, who is also the band to watch for this year, check out one of the strongest local bills to come along in some time.

Sunday 03/27/11

The House Harkonnen/The American Fuse – The Doublewide – Dallas

Sierra Bravo Sundays kick off this Sunday at The Doublewide with a stellar double bill. The House Harkonnen is becoming one of the area’s favorite acts, with their old school punk and metal leanings, while The American Fuse appears to be fully back in action after an all too long hiatus. I don’t know of anything opposing this, so ride out your weekend with these two barnburners this Sunday night!

So it seems there is a little something for everyone this weekend. Make your choice(s) and get out to see some live music this weekend, it’s definitely one of the strongest weekends I’ve seen in a long time!

~ by thesynaptic on March 25, 2011.

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  1. Mike Scaccia is also part of the “reunited” Skatenigs.

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