Volume: Valient Thorr, Cerebral Ballzy, Maleveller – The Doublewide, Dallas, TX – 03/20/11

Why has it taken me almost 5 years to see Valient Thorr? It’s not out of disinterest; I’m guessing it’s just been timing. I’ve had friends who I respect telling me to see these guys since 2006. And last night I finally got to witness them for myself.

Taking the stage for the third time in 23 hours, after a grueling 6 hour trek from Austin, Valient Thorr didn’t come off like a band that should be completely beaten and defeated. With their revved up boogie based brand of stoner metal, the Chapel Hill, NC quintet wasted little time whipping the surprisingly punk-rock crowd into a frenzy of action. Charismatic frontman Valient Himself – who appears to have walked off an ancient Viking sea-vessel (as do the rest of the band) – connects with his audience bringing familiar warmth, leading their performances through fist pumping almost assaulting antics. While it seems contradictory, it works. Well.

Even with the late start-time, evidently a wreck on 35 from Austin caused all sorts of tedious back-ups, I unfortunately missed openers White Mountain, but got there in time for what has become a local favorite, old school thrashers Maleveller. These guys are the real deal and will level you. I promise. Touring punkers Cerebral Ballzy rounded out the bill.

But clearly, the evening belonged to Valient Thorr. I certainly will not wait another 5 years to see them again.

~ by thesynaptic on March 21, 2011.

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