Preview: Prekindle/Doublewide Pre-SXSW Party Featuring Apollo18, Brainstorm, Pearl and the Beard – 3/15/11

The eyes of the music business are focused on Austin this week. The annual SXSW Festival begins Wednesday, and as throngs of D/FW music fans set their sights to converge on Central Texas, one might ask – what’s going on in Dallas on Tuesday night before SXSW? Enter Prekindle and The Doublewide to save the day.

Serving as a pre-party for one of the music industry’s favorite “holidays”, Prekindle and The Doublewide (along with The Synaptic) joined forces to present a diverse triple bill evening of music.


Featuring acts from Korea, Oregon and Brooklyn, Apollo 18, Brainstorm and Pearl and the Beard stylistically couldn’t be any further from one another. Korea’s instrumental Apollo 18 brings together touches of Prog, Psych and indie rock to their sound, not too far removed from early 90’s favorites Don Caballero. I was able to see some of Portland, OR’s Brainstorm’s renegade set outside of Gio’s Pizza during 35 Conferette this past weekend, and this multi-instrumentalist duo certainly adds an interesting air of unpredictability to their music. Add Brooklyn’s Pearl and the Beard to round out this wildly diverse trio by contributing their laid back acoustic/folk based pop and you have a fun bill, the kind that only really works during SXSW week. You won’t want to miss out.

So before heading to Austin tomorrow (or wishing you were) come out to The Doublewide tonight for an interesting, multi-cultural musical experience brought to you, for free, by your friends with Prekindle, The Doublewide, and The Synaptic.

~ by thesynaptic on March 15, 2011.

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