Volume: Review – 35 Conferette Day Two – Denton, TX – 03/11/11

Curse you Denton and your infernal uneven ground. Day Two of 35 Conferette down, and legs still in a jello state from loads of walking up across, sideways, down, leaning and diagonally. Only saw 9 bands in 8 ½ hours, still a pretty good pace for liquid legs.

For me, schedule-wise, Day Two was the softest of the seminar, although I witnessed some greatness, and some “meh” moments as well. Who did we see? We kicked off the afternoon with Ryan Thomas Becker, better known as RTB2 on Main Stage #1, and closed out the night with Hoyotoho in a crowded Andy’s Bar.  In between the two, caught sets by Analog Rebellion, the always stunning Telegraph Canyon, Descender, Saboteur, Dr. Dog, an all too brief performance from The Orbans, and one of the buzz bands for the day, Mister Heavenly, featuring TV/Film star Michael Cera.

Day Two belonged to Fort Worth’s Telegraph Canyon. No matter the circumstances, this band delivers, every time. Every time. And although I wasn’t a big fan of the live record I had gotten last year, RTB2 revealed a live quality that made it all make sense. Analog Rebellion was a new surprise, thanks to DC9 At Night’s Pete Freedman for the heads up on these guys. A nice little duo they are.

I was able to soak up some of the square yesterday, and I must tell you, I am looking forward to perusing the racks at the Mad World record shop today. I got to pop in for just a minute last night, and this new little store on the square seemed to have it together.

Almost time to start Day Three. Hope I make to 1:00 AM’s Esben and the Witch show at Andy’s. I think this might end up being a highlight of the weekend!

~ by thesynaptic on March 12, 2011.

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