Volume: EHG, Warbeast, Turbid North, Garuda – The Rail Club, Fort Worth, TX 12/13/10 (Special from our friends a Birth School Metal Death)

EYEHATEGOD at The Rail in FW 12/13/10

Well, there they were. Mingling within the Monday night crowd, the five members of the monstrous and prolific EYEHATEGOD. There were the guys, over by the bar at Fort Worth’s newest metal outlet, The Rail Club slumped in some chairs with a couple of drinks alongside their own. Us. The fans. We came to hear the band that has been name dropped for years. A band where the mere mention of the name EHG is an adjective. Whatever you do don’t think that these guys are just dusting off ancient tracks and fossils from years past. They are still more vital than any of your typical glorified sludge band of the last 10 to 15 years.

To be completely honest, I really don’t have a grasp of many of the names of the songs that they played. I’m sketchy when comes to remember much from their albums, honestly. Adding to my inability to tell you what they played is that they went along without a set list in sight. The mouthed mumble of “What do we do next,” was between every other song, it seemed. If you want to take me to the river’s edge for it, go right ahead. I just came to see the band that helped define and open an era of metal that has been flourishing, at almost mainstream levels, for the last few years thanks to them.

If you’re new to their own proverbial wall of feedback and filth, there is no better way to catch them than in their caged live setting. It’s a constant deluge of the southern swagger that gets strapped down and claws at you. When it breaks open, you’re doomed. Mine own ears can attest to this witnessing. It doesn’t seem like they are going to let up anytime soon. The guitarist, Brian, said that a new album could happen so just get your crosses muddy up and pray that it happens.

Opening the show was Garuda, who I completely missed but know they were in good company. Next was Turbid North. It was my first time to catch their set and there were some real good riffs happening but it felt too comfortable. Just like putting on a new pair of socks. I’ll certainly see them again but I hope to see a little more terror in their eyes for the next gig.

Taking stage before EHG, the stalwarts of FWD metal scene- Warbeast! I’ve been a big fan of theirs and most of you know how much I dig these guys. They played strong and tough but Monday was not their night. They even played a new song and still the punters wouldn’t get it. I know that some may find them being ironic but these guys have been metal for as long as metal has been here. You get a chance to seem them rip up your New Year’s Eve at the Ridglea Theater on December 31. Check out and then check in to the mighty Warbeast.

Big thanks to our good friends at Birth School Metal Death for contributing this special review.

~ by thesynaptic on December 16, 2010.

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