Volume: “Dropout Boogie Tour” – The Black Angels/Black Mountain – The Kessler Theater, Dallas, TX 11/20/2010

Saturday night saw one of the bigger buzz tours of the year swing through The Kessler Theater for what actually proved to be a buzz-worthy night of music. Austin’s The Black Angels and Vancouver’s Black Mountain teamed up for one hell of a night of music, accentuated flawlessly by DJ Cee-Pee’s mouse of steel before and in-between sets.

Being a co-headline tour, the bill can switch from night to night, and on this evening, The Black Angels closed the show. I had hoped it would be the other way around, therefore I would see their entire set, since I was mainly there for Black Mountain. And I was right. They were fantastic, with the majority of their set that I saw coming from this year’s Phosphene Dream album. I would love to see them again, when they aren’t following my favorite band of the last 5 years. If you can catch them next time they are in town, please do so, their indie psychedelic style is encapsulating and command your full attention.

Yet for me, the evening belonged to Black Mountain. Drawing equally from their last 2 albums, 2008’s In The Future, and this year’s Wilderness Heart, Black Mountain is not relying on any big show antics whatsoever to please their audiences. The music speaks for itself. The blend of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane and Pink Floyd is presented in such a laid back fashion they make it seem effortless. Save for the omission of Wilderness Heart’s opening track, “The Hair Song”, it was pretty much perfect. I do hope they make it through again soon, headlining their own tour so we can maybe get some of the longer songs, notably the sprawling In The Future track “Bright Lights”, but there are no complaints here. Black Mountain filled their allotted 75 minutes with a true fan pleasing set of material, even –pulling out “Drugonaut” off their self-titled debut release as their portion of the evening wound down.

This show, at this venue, was spectacular. If you haven’t been to The Kessler yet, please get out to a show there.  The sold out crowd was very appreciative and respectful of the venue’s plusher accommodations, including the seating around the balconies. This was my first experience there, and I certainly hope to frequent The Kessler more often.

~ by thesynaptic on November 22, 2010.

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