Volume: The Dwarves, The Applicators, The House Harkonnen – Double-Wide, Dallas TX – 11/04/2010

I ask you Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas such as Denton, Arlington, Mid-Cites and Plano. I ask you, “Did you see The Dwarves at The Double-wide”. I certainly hope your answer is “Yes. Yes I did.”

The House Harkonnen

Arlington’s The House Harkonnen started the evening off with a fury, their brand of punk/metal greatness fit the bill perfectly, as did their general attitude. Drawing from their already lengthy catalog of songs from their 6 previously released records, we were treated to a newer song from their upcoming record, which promises not to disappoint. If you have not seen these guys, you are missing out. Seriously. One of the best bands I’ve seen out of this area in YEARS.

The Applicators

New York and Austin based The Applicators were next, playing a very rare show, I believe only getting together last night for The Dwarves. I thought to myself, Is this the same all girl punk act The Applicators I remember from a decade ago? And it certainly was. I didn’t get to see them back then, but I remembered their record fondly. And they were a very suiting segue into The Dwarves with their poppy albeit raw punk sound.

The Dwarves

Finally, at the very un-ironic time of 2 minutes to Midnight, The Dwarves took the stage. What would follow was 37 minutes of try to catch your breath, try to blink, try to get a thought in edge-wise violent churn of a punk rock show. I would be hard pressed to think of one I had seen that was better. Out of the now 5 times I have seen this band since 1992, this was the most fun I think I have had watching them, and the most fun I think I have seen them have. The crowd was intense, appreciative, and mostly very enthusiastic, rattling the cozy yet sturdy confines of The Double-wide from the moment they went on until the final piece of equipment was disassembled.

The Aftermath

A 37 minute Dwarves show is a fairly good amount of time. With songs that clock in at a median 1:30 on record, played even faster live, you can imagine the amount of material they tore through. And tore through they did. Mainly, I was very happy with whatever they did, but getting classics such as “Astroboy”, “Back Seat Of My Car”, “F*ck You Up And Get You High”, and “Drugstore” I was thoroughly pleased. As was a sardine-packed house that soaked in every second and made the most of every song, circle pits, chanting sing-alongs, fist pumping, devil horn throwing, beer can tossing for what made for a barely controlled chaotic state, but all in good fun.

Kick yourself if you did not attend. Right now.

~ by thesynaptic on November 5, 2010.

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