Preview: The Dwarves, The Applicators, The House Harkonnen – The Double-wide – 11/04/2010

The Dwarves play Double-Wide tonight. Click to buy tickets

“Now we can see why they call themselves ‘The Dwarves’” my friend drolly chuckled. Yes, that was a good one, I thought as I gave the obligatory “good one” chuckle. Apparently the wrestling mask adorned guitarist (HeWhoCanNotBeNamed) had removed his pants, to show everyone he had gone commando on this cold January evening (which probably wasn’t doing him any favors, either) at Club Clearview. No sooner had this realization set in than the show was in full swing. Huh, it also seems the singer is only wearing pink see-through fishnet stockings. And pretty much no sooner had I realized this, it was all done. Vocalist Blag The Ripper had commenced to throw himself into the drumset, thus signifying the end of a scorching 23 minutes of aggressive, and possibly offensive, punk rock.

This was my full introduction to The Dwarves.

There are some shows that have happened in this town that are legendary, not unlike seeing Nirvana, Radiohead or Soundgarden at Trees. Or Slayer at Gypsy Tea Room. U2 at The Hot Klub. Or even The Sex Pistols at The Longhorn Ballroom. Those are the ones everyone remembers. But then there are the ones that the people who saw them still talk about them today. The first time GWAR came to town in front of maybe 200 people, The Cult’s 3 hour epic performance at The Arcadia Theater, or any time the Supersuckers played Orbit Room.  For me, three of these would be Dwarves shows. The before mentioned, the second time I saw them play Clearview when they went on at 2:00 AM to make it all ages in the summer of ’92, and then the third when they played Trees in the summer of ’93 and 10 minutes before they were to go on, the Fire Marshall cleared everyone out of the club, made everyone stand in line AGAIN and weeded out anyone under 18 (it was also to be an all ages affair) only to see the band knock out 17 minutes and be done.

I am not promising that tonight will be one of those nights, but I am telling you that you never know what can happen at a Dwarves show. Add in The Applicators and Arlington’s scorching juggernaut The House Harkonnen, plus the room at The Double-wide, and there is some serious potential to be one of those nights.

And I’m pretty sure you don’t want your answer, when someone in the not so distant future says “Yeah, but did you see The Dwarves at Double-wide?” to shamefully be “Um… no.”

I know I’m not.

~ by thesynaptic on November 4, 2010.

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