Volume: Maleveller, Vorvon – Lola’s – Fort Worth, TX 10/22/2010

I don’t get to go see many shows with our friend at Birth School Metal Death. So whenever they ask me to meet them somewhere, I will usually try and do so. It was actually my second appearance at Lola’s on this evening, as my girlfriend’s friend’s husband was playing in a band there on Friday as well. “What’s the band name?” I asked. “Awful House” she replied. How coincidental. It seems that her friend is married to a guy I grew up with. Not only that, but back around 1990 or so, I saw a version of this band many, many times. They were then called The Phonetics, and had actually been the last band to defeat the Toadies in the TCU Battle Of The Bands back in 1992. Crazy. But if you like a good cover band that has some solid originals sprinkled in, be sure to watch for these guys. They had the happy hour crowd singing along, and having a great time.

Therefore, I went home after, watched the end of the Rangers pennant clinching game six, ate some dinner, and treaded back out to Lola’s for a second time. Unfortunately, the celebration on TV had lasted too long, and I missed the lion’s share of Vorvon. Mistake.

Through the ridiculous amount of smoke (had a picture, but my phone decided to die on me) as I walked in, band inflicted not crowd, I recognize that I am being pummeled by quite a bit of low-end. I joined Birth School Metal Death near the front of the stage to realize what’s really going on: a dueling bass-ist attack. Very nice. If you dig heavy, Vorvon is for you. They were, in the words of the late, great Kelly Parker, “Righteous”.

But the main reason I had trudged out to a second show that night was to see Maleveller. I love when I get reports from friends that are like ”Man, I wish I could be there after they’ve been on for about 15 minutes and you realize your face has been ripped off” and “Of course you’re going to like them, it’s old-school thrash”. Both assessments were completely on the money. Maleveller was ridiculous, and the best part is that it comes from people with D/FW indie-rock pedigrees like Mandarin, My Friend The Atom, and so forth. This was pure, unadulterated metal at its finest, and I was saddened when they finished. They were that good, as is their 3 song EP, Astronomer’s Fyre.

Closing out the night was White Mountain. Seems there is a lot of hype around White Mountain, and maybe on a different night I would have been a fan of what appeared to be cynical hipster metal. Maybe it just wasn’t working for me after being blown away by what seemed to be very pure in Vorvon and Maleveller. Maybe it just didn’t click. I don’t know. I will try them again, but maybe just seeing them and no-one else.

But this night belonged to the underbill.

And believe me, they owned it.

~ by thesynaptic on October 26, 2010.

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