Volume: The Bright Light Social Hour – The Doublewide, Dallas, TX – 10/01/2010

The Bright Light Social Hour

Fun fact about The Synaptic: I believe in under promising and over-delivery. I do not like to over-sell anything or anyone. Even when I get generally excited about something. It takes a lot for me to really push it, and it has to be something really special, and it’s honestly only happened a handful of times in this life.

But I honestly do not think I can over-sell Austin’s The Bright Light Social Hour.

Their new self-titled record (reviewed here on 9/24/10) is so full of energy and does an exceptional job capturing their live show. And live, well, you need to see it for yourself. I cannot express the amount of energy expended on stage during one of their shows. Leave cynicism at the door and just let go. You won’t be disappointed.

The Bright Light Social Hour at Doublewide 10/01/10

The Bright Light Social Hour brought that energetic onslaught to The Doublewide Friday night and on that understated stage in that little room brought an arena sized rock show as entertaining as they are talented. Their mix of light prog, classic rock, soul and funk poured from the band and the PA, saturating the enthusiastic audience with what Friday nights are all about: fun.

If you missed them Friday night, I implore you to make it out the next time. This is an act that has something special to them, and I just can’t oversell them enough.

~ by thesynaptic on October 4, 2010.

One Response to “Volume: The Bright Light Social Hour – The Doublewide, Dallas, TX – 10/01/2010”

  1. Dallas knows what Austin has known. These guys are awesome. Every time I see them I have more fun than the time before, except that the audiences are getting so big it’s hard to get a good spot. Doesn’t matter, going anyway, just going to get there early.

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