Volume: The Pixies – Verizon Theater, Grand Prairie, TX – 09/19/2010

Volume: The Pixies – Verizon Theater, Grand Prairie, TX – 09/19/2010

Right around 21 years ago, I was in the old Sound Warehouse music store on Camp Bowie. I had gone in to find anything I could afford and was walking out empty handed and a bit disappointed. CD’s were still pretty expensive then, and LP’s weren’t being pressed like they had been or even as they are today. As I was passing by the counter, my eye was caught by a display for a new band called The Pixies. Now, they weren’t really new, but were new to the world of having counter displays in corporate music stores. It was their new single, “Monkey Gone To Heaven”, which was a teaser release for what would be their groundbreaking album, Doolittle. And it was $1.99. Needless to say, I did not leave the store empty handed at all.

I liked the single, but not enough to go back and get the full album, especially after having loathed the second single from Doolittle, the poppy “Here Comes Your Man”. That was about it, I was pretty much done with The Pixies. I traded that single a couple of years later for a copy of Siouxsie and the BansheesSuperstition” and I think both of us felt we made out better than the other.

It wouldn’t be until 1997 or so that I was finally browbeaten into liking The Pixies, and definitely respecting them, upon getting their double disc retrospective Death To The Pixies. Unfortunately, all that time had passed and even though I had seen them a couple of times, loved their ’91 show at Deep Ellum Live on the Trompe le Monde tour, and even screamed at them to “head on” during their opening gig with U2 on the Zoo TV tour at Reunion Arena, I had always had a bit of a love/hate relationship with them.

Fortunately I have now gotten to see them a couple of times in my post-indecisive stage.

Whereas we watched them from afar during their hits heavy ACL set in ’04, their show at Verizon was anything but that. For one, I was in the best spot I could be with my very 11th hour ticket to the show, thanks and big props to my friend at Tricky-kid.com Roy Turner (check out his blog). Front row of the lowest balcony was perfect, and we sat down as they began the first song, which was from that “Monkey Gone to Heaven” single, “Dancing The Manta Ray” (as I was so corrected later). From there they drove through a few more b-sides form that era, and dove into “Debaser”, the lead-off track to Doolittle. Front to back, in succession, they roared through their breakthrough album, featuring such fan staples as (aside from those already mentioned) “Crackity Jones”, the original version of “Wave of Mutilation”, culminating with the final track, “Gouge Away”.

Will this be the last one? I thought for certain the ’04 trek would be it, and anyone who saw their loudQUIETloud documentary of that tour would have probably thought the same.

I guess when they say never say never, they really mean it.

~ by thesynaptic on September 24, 2010.

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