Volume: Toadies, The House Harkonnen, The Burning Hotels, Palladium Ballroom, Dallas, TX 8/7/2010

Last night we had the CD release party we should have had in 1998. The Toadies celebrated the release of their long awaited “sophomore” release, Feeler last night with a couple thousand of their closest friends. And they really went for it.

Presenting a set that was very level throughout the recorded career of the band, the Toadies tore through 24 songs in an hour and a half. As usual, a third of the set was comprised of Rubberneck classics, along with about half of the new Feeler release, and scattered parts from the last 2 albums, 2001’s Hell Below/Stars Above, and 2008’s comeback No Deliverance. Add in a Beatles cover and you had one big sweaty rock of a night.

The Feeler material, largely untouched since Interscope’s rejection of the album in 1999, was unearthed and refreshed to be played live. The delicate pop bounce of “Mine”, along with the one-two punch of “Suck Magic”/”ATF Theme” fit perfectly in with “No Deliverance”, “Tyler”, and a rare live gem, “Jigsaw Girl”.

Arlington’s The House Harkonnen brought the house to its knees with their reckless abandon and brand of heavy rock, invoking Black Sabbath and early Metallica in the process. These guys have been playing in Arlington for years, but are really getting some notice around town right now. And for good reason. Watch for this band.

Kicking off the night was Fort Worth’s The Burning Hotels. This is another one to watch for. Their new record, Novels is one of the best of the year, and if you like them recorded, live they scorch the stage.

Toadies Set List

Backslider, Little Sin, Away, Mine, Nothing To Cry About, Push The Hand, Dollskin, City of Hate, Happyface, Jigsaw Girl, Suck Magic, ATF Theme, Heel, Song I Hate, Possum Kingdom, Waterfall, Mister Love, Pressed Against The Sky, Tyler

Encore: I Burn, Don’t Bring Me Down (Beatles Cover), No Deliverance, Pink, I Come From The Water

Next up: Dia de los Toadies in New Braunfels. Hope to see you there!

~ by thesynaptic on August 8, 2010.

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