Features: My Bloody Valentine’s Ear Bending List Of The Loudest Bands I’ve Seen

Originally posted on Facebook 04/22/2009

So yeah, didn’t get to list My Bloody Valentine for this, but each took volume to it’s own level, hence until being bested, remained “Band Name Level”.

1. Depeche Mode, 1986.Will Rogers Auditorium. In front of speaker wall in the front row the day after my 16th birthday. Second concert, went with Kelea Jo, Lance, and Stacy. Met Lily who was sitting next to me and had a completely different name then.

2. Kreator Loud, 1989, Joe’s Garage. Permanent ear damage with Matt and other Pizza Place metal enthusiasts. Was told ringing would go away. You were wrong.

3. Slayer Loud, 1991, Metroplex Arena. Volume. Intensity I’d never seen, was drawn into the pit. Not by my own will, mind you.

4. Ed Hall Loud, 1992, Trees. I think I had bruises on my sternum from this with Lily and Brandon. SO loud we left after 15 minutes.

5. Neurosis Loud, 1996, Deep Ellum Live. At one point, I realized the song was still building, and had 3 layers or so to go. Just started laughing, and I think I witnessed time travel. Don’t know how, but I think I did.

6. Slayer Loud, 2004, Gypsy Tea Room. Scott sat me on the barricade, 4 feet in front of Kerry King, and even closer to the PA. Between the volume and the strobes, I believe I experienced vertigo at one point, losing 2 senses, sight and hearing.

I kinda hope no one ever tops this, although Mastodon almost did at the Tea Room. But not quite. My eyes might melt or something like that.

Edit: I knew I would forget something, I did see Motorhead at Trees in ’99. Ear blowing. Even nuttier was when I worked at the Bronco Bowl and back in the offices, you could hear Motorhead soundchecking for their Canyon Club show. Now that was a feat.

~ by thesynaptic on August 8, 2010.

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