Feature: Someone I Wish I Had Known Better

Originally posted on MySpace 04/27/2009

Several years ago, I owned a little record store on Magnolia. It was the opposite end of the block from Mad Hatter’s a much storied club in the Fort Worth lexicon of music history.  Somehow, my opening a record store that barely had anything in it and barely made any money, ever, made me – to some in the Fort Worth punk rock community – a capitalist pig, which I was called a time or two. Someone even stole all my Rancid CD’s one night, I guess to get me back for trying to offer music to the kids, support the “scene” so to speak, and make some sort of living doing what I enjoyed. Yeah, real jackass I was.

At some point, the FW punk scene just turned on me, although I had hung out with and sat in front of Mad Hatter’s, sat on my old yellow couch in my store, and talked with them for hours about music. The antenna of my Jeep even got broken off one night. Don’t get me wrong, there were some of them I got along with real well, and still do, when I see them. And please, I hold no grudges at all, it’s just my recollection of how things were in 94-95 or so. I let all ill will go a very, very long time ago.

I guess I’ll always equate Chad Percy in the FW punk scene, although I firmly believe he was much further above some of the people in the group. If I remember correctly, he lived in Amarillo at the time, and he would come into town on occasion.  I could be very wrong about this, but I remember when he was around it was always something of an event. Chad would come to my store, always talk to me, and was always nice. I believe he rolled the first rolled cigarette I’d ever had. I think he worked at Split Atom for a bit after he moved back to the Fort. I would occasionally go in there after work, no one would be around, and Chad would chat with me a bit until he had to work. I believe.

I procured a copy of his band Sleeping Body’s record in some sort of buy at my store. As technology permitted, I was able to make a CD of this single, and was glad to have run into Chad again, as he was working the Wreck Room door. He seemed to be genuinely pleased to see me, as always, and we chatted a bit during his downtime. I was glad to be able to give him a copy of his record on a CD after all the years it had been out of print and on vinyl only. He wanted to trade me a Garuda CD for it, one of his favorite bands at the time, but we never were able to hook up on that. He jokingly said he had plenty of them around.

A few months ago, I saw there were benefits going on for Cadillac Fraf, which was a stage name/alter ego of Chad’s. I poked around online and really didn’t see anything about why there were benefits for him, so I guess I dismissed it a bit. I’ve only recently learned that Chad passed away in January. He had been in a coma for several weeks after a scooter accident.

I didn’t know Chad very well at all, but he was someone I was always glad to see. He would always say hi, always ask how I was doing, and always seem to really want to know. I know I’m going to miss my sporadic encounters with him.

~ by thesynaptic on August 8, 2010.

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