Feature: Fallout Boy Vs. The Spice Girls

Originally written 10/17/2005

I’m not quite sure what the hell that Fall Out Boy single is, y’know, the “Numer One With A Bullet…” song, but it’s catchy. Too catchy, like the songs in “Red, White and Blaine” from Waiting For Guffman. This is reminiscent of another catchy single from the not too distant past, “Wannabe” by the lovely Spice Girls.

Some would describe my love for the Spice Girls as unnatural, maybe even a bit bizarre. But geez, did I love them. Still do, to be honest. What started out as kind of a joke become obsession, and so forth. It was possibly my ironic t-shirt, liking the Spice Girls. Before I knew it, I had it all. All the music, some books, 2 complete sets of the dolls, it was out of control.

This is what concerns me about the Fall Out Boy single. I mean, everyone loves some crap, i.e. (for me) the Spice Girls, but I hate this band with every ounce of my being. From the stupid hat and sideburns, which look nothing like an image consultant coupled with a marketing team creation, to the too tight clothes, looking like squares. Not to mention their fawning over My Chemical Romance at this year’s VMA’s, recalling the image of the little dog in the Warner Bros cartoons that’s always bouncing around Spike, the big dog, “Hey Spike, whattya doin’, Spike, where ya goin’, Spike?” It’s just repugnant, like the state of the pop charts today. Everything aside, I’m starting to like that single. Dammit.

I know this isn’t anything close to an original thought, but the counter-culture IS the mainstream now. Where has the counter-culture gone? Maybe I’m so out of touch now in my older age, but am I missing the point? The underground? Does it really exist anymore? And if so, where is it? I’d even be thrilled with a copy of MRR, or to shop in music store that wasn’t Best Buy, just to see that something’s going on that hasn’t been bastardized, although that’s probably tainted too.

I know this is pretty close to an earlier blog, and probably just reiterates what I was saying there, and all of this was really just a roundabout way of getting to the point.

That point is, that I’ve come to grips with popular music. It’s nothing I haven’t already known, but my comparisons have finally gelled for me. I don’t see the current movement of Emo/Screamo/Watered Down “Punk” any different than the Nu Metal/Rap-O-Metal era. Or the New Romantics/New Wave era of the 80’s, or the Dance Pop era, Country Rock, Alternative, Grunge, Pop Punk, or any of the other era’s we’ve passed through. The saturation will finally kill it off and one day it’ll be gone, just to be replaced with something else. And I’m fine with that.

If I were 17, Fall Out Boy would be on my list of favorite bands. As would Breaking Benjamin, Dashboard Confessional, and probably the worst of them all, My Chemical Romance. Hot Topic would keep me abreast of whatever cool mallternartive mallcore bands were hip, and I could get away with brooding and wearing all black..

When I was 17, it was Howard Jones, Simple Minds, U2, The Cure and The Cult.

To be 17 again.

~ by thesynaptic on August 8, 2010.

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